Responding to the crisis of the breakdown of financial and social systems that our country faces at this time, the Centre for Progressive Change promotes an ethical vision that puts community at the heart of public life.

This entails restoring our connections with each other and working in solidarity to fashion a new social order in Ireland today.

This will require a politics of the common good and attention to the well-being of all rooted in wisdom and compassion.


To provide Thought leadership on a ‘Framework for Progressive Change’ and how it can be applied to key social and economic issues of our time. You will find this in our Change Work section on the website, and in our Facebook and Twitter sites. We will also hold public meetings and seminars from time to time.

To provide Services and Training to individuals and organisations to support the implementation of progressive change:

  • Within their own lives
  • Within their own organisations
  • As they influence the development of public policies and laws
  • As they design and deliver public services.

You will find this in our Services section on the website.

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