Executive Coaching

What is the service?

Ann Louise is available for executive coaching to individual clients.  Trained in Henley Business College, UK, she specialises in three discreet areas of coaching:

  • Coaching for the Next Chapter
    Growing numbers of people are taking early retirement (as she did herself). Taking the opportunity to work with an experienced coach in order  to examine the new terrain is important as it allows one to choose the next meaningful adventure with purpose, vitality and creativity.
  • Academic Coaching
    As an academic working in a University setting for many years, Ann Louise became aware that there is a real need for the introduction of a coaching culture within Third Level institutions and in the broader educational world. She has now worked successfully as a coach within this context mediating open communication, the resolution of conflict and a new sense of liberation between people.     
  • Coaching for Executives in the Statutory and Voluntary Sectors
    Coaching is not therapy nor is it mentoring. It is about building a mutual and respectful relationship with the executive in order to set clear personal, professional and organisational goals,  and to examine the options of achieving them.   It offers a supportive framework for the genuine delivery of these goals.


Who is this service for?

Executives in the Statutory and Voluntary sectors, those who work within academic settings and those who are contemplating or have recently taken retirement.

Ann Louise is available as an Executive Coach, for one-to-one 90 minute sessions with clients.  It is standard good practice fo clients to sign up for 3 session.

Qualification and Experience as an Executive Coach


Trained in Henley Business School — one of the foremost business colleges in the UK — Ann Louise received the highest award in the Henley qualification in Coaching. Her distinctive approach views coaching as a relational art. A good coach should be able to establish rapport quickly, listen with deep attentiveness and enable new insight to emerge along with the motivation to make change happen at both personal and organisational levels. 

Ann Louise is listed on the Henly Register of Coaches, 2010-2011. She has had experience coaching leaders and executives in the Corporate, University, Public Sector and NGO Sectors. The following testimonials engourage her to continue in this work.

'While I found it tough at times to take direction, Ann Louise's strategies produced results in my world of work.'  
---An academic

‘I have a sense of completion with these sessions and I am clear about what happens next. I benefited very much from these sessions; they were a great learning experinece. I loved your humour, your capacity to affirm and valued you deep intuition. I feel privileged in my encounter with my coach’.
—Financier working in Corporate Sector

‘Ann Louise listened to me, encouraged me to respond from a position of strength and love. Her coaching was invaluable to me at this time. Because I trusted her insights and strength, I was able to respond to her feedback and suggestions’.
—Managing Director of large NGO in USA

'Ann Louise has excellent listening skills and it was great that she completely understood the world of academic life. Her effective questioning did get to the centre issues.'
—Head of Academic Department

‘Your ability to listen deeply and sincerely had a huge effect on me – when I feel heard I feel loved and that brings great joy and great pain’.
—Manager in a Community Development Organisation

‘I felt myself in a dilemma but as a result of these coaching sessions found permission to move forward in my real direction. Your willingness to engage gave me a great sense of what is possible’.
—A senior academic